1. Easy Application
You need only 3 mins to fill out our safe loan application. The process doesn't involve paperwork and is faxless.
2. You Are Approved
The process is so easy and takes almost no time, so you are approved instantly. We don't perform credit check.
3. Get Your Cash
As a trusted direct lender, we will deposit the money to your account in only 1 hour, even on weekends.

Qualifying For Cash Loans Up to $1,000 Has Never Been So Easy!

Everyone from US | UK is approved instantly. No credit checks & no faxing & no paperwork required. Cash is deposited in 1 Hour!

Why are quick payday loans from Conspalon.org so popular?

Whenever we need money, ability to obtain it quickly can become very valuable to most of us. A new day can bring you unexpected costs. In this perspective, 1 hour payday loans from direct lender Conspalon.org are very useful, because you will get money as a direct deposit into your account. Our payday loans are one of the most popular credit products on the market. With direct cash loans from us you can get the money you need very quickly and in comfort of your own home. We are a trusted lender, so all your information is encrypted and confident.

Is the application process easy & fast?

The long queues and tedious procedures that caused delays and discomfort are gone. Our direct cash loans do not require heavy paperwork making the whole process easy and comfortable. It will take about two to three minutes to complete the application form and provide some basic information, including your name, address, general information and a bank account. After completing the application and submitting it, you will receive an email with the approved amount of money. It can be up to $1500.

What if I have bad credit or no credit?

People with bad credit history or no credit history at all have an equal chance to get a payday loan from us as those with perfect credit ratings. We don't perform credit check before approving you for a loan, so Everyone is Approved, including You, whether you are from US or UK!

How fast am I approved for the loan?

You get the approval notice on you e-mail in minutes after submitting the application! We approve all people, including those on benefits and military as well. We understand that getting fast money is important for you, so you get instant approval!

When do I get the money?

People like this apply for our quick loans, because they know our direct lender loans are processed the same day they are requested. This means that you have instant access to short term cash in the same way as a credit card can be used to make immediate purchases. We provide people with quick access to money, making the cash available to you in 1 hour after approval, even on holidays and weekends.

Is the purpose of the loan important?

Money can be borrowed for almost any purpose. No explanation, nor interview is required. We understand that you may need to pay utility bills such as lights, water and gas, or you have some other emergency cases - and you need money, so we approve you without questions.

Do I need a bank account?

Having an active checking or savings account with a direct deposit option is an importnat factor. The account should be open at least one month before the loan application is submitted. The current savings account is required to deposit the payday loans and withdraw payments.

Is the repayment plan flexible?

With a payday loan from us, you usually know exactly where you are in terms of how much you have to pay and when. This is because during the application process, you choose your repayment date, what is your next paycheck or possibly the one after that. You can usually then see how much your loan will cost you in the interest for the number of days you selected. You can also contact us in case you want to change your repayment plan, and we will happily help you.

Does the loan come with cheap interest rate?

Usually, people worry that payday loans come with high interest rates. In fact, interest rates are based on an annual percentage, but you repay the loan very quickly on your next pay cycle. You will have to pay from $15 to $30 in interest for every $100 that is borrowed. To see how much you can save when you take out payday loans, all you really need to do is look back on your credit card statements for the last 12 months and calculate the amount of interest you paid. You will be quite surprised! Do the math and see how much you can save with small and short-term loans from Conspalon.org.

At ConspaLon, we believe that helping people to live in a better community is very important. We are transparent and want to improve your life through our loans. We are certified, and work with people and organisations who are devoted to transparency.